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My name is Lynda Nixon and I am a co-author of the children’s book, Shimmer. It still seems surreal to me that my teenage dream of becoming a published author has finally come true.

As a child I loved fantasy novels like The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. A close friend then gave me a teenage romance novel to read and it wasn’t long after this that I really started to think about writing my own stories. Now, my favourite books to both read and write are those that are a mix of these two genres, fantasy and romance.

Born in Armadale, I have lived my entire life in Western Australia. After leaving high school I took a job in a bank, where I worked for 13 years, and this was followed by a variety of other office type jobs. Looking back, I realize that I could have followed a more creative path, but at the time it didn’t really occur to me to do anything other than to get a ‘real’ job.

During these busy years of working, travelling, marrying my gorgeous husband and building a house, I wrote several opening chapters, but it was difficult for me to progress any further and I just kept waiting for the perfect time to write to come along. Naively, I thought this time would be when I was at home caring for my first beautiful baby, because surely I would have a lot more free time then.

After four months of nappies, nighttime feeds and lots of pacing I had my moment of clarity. There was never going to be a perfect time to write. Maybe there would be a perfect hour, or maybe a perfect day, but never a perfect time to write a whole novel. I realized that if I really wanted to be a writer then I had to actually write, and it was with this now or never mentality that I began my first novel. Fortunately, I was blissfully unaware that this would be the first of several ‘practice’ novels and that it would be 13 years before I would be offered a publishing contract.

In 2003 I entered, as part of a team, a competition to write a collaborative children’s book in just one day. Our team did not win this contest, but we did have a lot of fun and it was from this competition that we discovered the benefits of writing together and decided to have a serious look at collaborative writing.

I love writing with my sister. There are so many benefits both practically and emotionally to writing together. The entire process is more joyful and our best ideas usually come after a lot of giggling. It is wonderful to be able to share this experience with someone close to you. We both have perfectionist tendencies and this can be challenging, but it is also very reassuring, because it means both of us are trying to create the best book possible.

I was excited about the idea of writing a fantasy novel from the point of view of the genie. We knew straight away that she would have to be harnessed by a teenage human boy, but it was also very important to us that David have a strong story of his own. This was the perfect mix for me, fantasy with a dash of romance! It took a couple of years from the time we first had the idea for this story until we submitted the final, final, draft. If I had a genie of my own I would certainly wish for more writing time!

As the mother of two beautiful girls, my goal is to make reading fun and hopefully inspire children to continue reading for pleasure. My biggest hope is that kids will read Shimmer and discover the delight of escaping into an exciting fantasy world.

There are many things that I love about the writing process but my favourite moment is the rush you feel when a new idea starts to form. I like all forms of storytelling whether it’s books, movies, TV shows or live theatre. I find going for a nature walk, travelling and music are great sources of inspiration but occasionally inspiration comes from just random simple moments or a good conversation.

Meet Twinkles

Meet Twinkles

Aside from my children, writing Shimmer has been both my greatest challenge and accomplishment. I could never have anticipated just how much I needed to learn and how much I would discover about both the writing process and myself. I feel lucky and grateful to have had my sister, my family and Fremantle Press to support me through the publishing process.

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